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BERLIN, June 22, 2018 (News Wires) - A human rights expert is criticizing the US for failing to tackle poverty, days after Washington quit the United Nations body that appointed him.

New York-based law professor Philip Alston said Friday that high US income inequality "can only be made worse" by the Trump administration's policy of cutting taxes and restricting welfare.

A day before Alston presented his report to the Human Rights Council, US ambassador to the UN Nikki Haley branded it "misleading and politically motivated" in a letter to Sen. Bernie Sanders.

Announcing the US pullout from the Geneva-based body Tuesday, Haley described the council as a "cesspool of bias."

No U.S. diplomats were present to respond Friday when Alston told the council of witnessing "raw sewage" pouring into poor residents' gardens in Alabama.




GENEVA, June 18, 2018 (News Wires) - British Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson has defended the UN's main human rights body, alluding to signs the US may withdraw from it over its alleged bias against Israel.

Speaking to the Human Rights Council, Johnson nonetheless said that its dedicated agenda item on Israel and the Occupied Palestinian Territories was "disproportionate and damaging to the cause of peace."

Johnson said: "But I stress that that does not mean that we in the UK are blind to the value of this council."

Johnson said the council's work on the Israel-Palestinian conflict could have value under the right conditions.

Diplomats said that a US withdrawal from the 47-member council could come as early as Tuesday.

Johnson's address Monday focused on the need for education of women and girls worldwide as a way to promote human rights.




GENEVA, June 14, 2018 (News Wires) — The U.N. human rights chief is calling for a commission of inquiry to conduct an independent, international investigation into alleged rights violations in Kashmir.

A first U.N. report on the rights situation in the contested region details violations and abuses in both Indian- and Pakistani-held portions of Kashmir, and highlights “chronic impunity for violations committed by security forces.”

It adds to criticism about India’s tactics in Kashmir, saying its security forces used “excessive force that led to unlawful killings” and caused many injuries.

U.N. High Commissioner for Human Rights Zeid Ra’ad al-Hussein said the conflict “has robbed millions of their basic human rights.”

The report released Thursday, based on remote monitoring, says U.N. investigators have been denied unconditional access to either side of the Line of Control dividing Kashmir.

CAIRO, March 1 (MENA) - The Higher Council for Media Regulation (HCMR), the body in charge of regulating media transmission, expressed concern over the BBC report on the situation in Egypt, urging it to reconsider its stance and adopt a more professional attitude.

In a statement late on Wednesday, the council urged the BBC to respond as quickly as possible to Egypt's evidence-based objections to the report highlighted by the State Information Service (SIS) in its February 24 statement.

The SIS also translated into English the TV interview conducted by renowned anchor Amr Adib with Egyptian citizen Zubeida Ibrahim Ahmed to refute claims by the BBC report about her "forced disappearance".

The council said the SIS was able to debunk the falsehoods promoted by the BBC report on the situation of human rights in Egypt and prove the non-professional coverage of the BBC to this issue.

The HCMR expressed readiness to hold a dialogue with the BBC in this regard, saying "we are trying to gain more friends to Egypt in its war against terrorism, poverty, backwardness and ignorance".

The council also called on the BBC to admit its mistakes and say that its report contains inaccuracies and was published without being verified.

The BBC report was published online and broadcast last week. It included interviews with activists and other individuals who described police abuses, including a mother who said her daughter Zubeida Ibrahim Ahmed was taken by police a year ago and had not been seen since.

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