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VATICAN CITY, June 14, 2018 (Reuters) - Pope Francis called on Thursday for a “change in mindset” on migration policies, saying international cooperation was vital, as Italy and France engaged in a diplomatic spat over the issue.

Francis made his comments in a message to participants at a conference on international migration being held in the Vatican. He called for the “shared global management of international migration in the values of justice, solidarity and compassion”.

Italy summoned France’s envoy on Wednesday and angrily rejected French criticism of its immigration policies, escalating a diplomatic row that is widening one of Europe’s main political fault lines.

A day after French President Emmanuel Macron said Rome had acted with “cynicism and irresponsibility” by closing its ports to a migrant ship, Italy’s economy minister canceled a Paris meeting with his counterpart and Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte weighed postponing a meeting with Macron scheduled for Friday.

Francis, who has made defense of migrants and refugees a major plank of his papacy, said overcoming the current migration crisis “demands a change in mindset”.

He said countries “must move from considering others as threats to our comfort to valuing them as persons whose life experience and values can contribute greatly to the enrichment of our society.”

Rome’s clash with Paris centers on the charity ship Aquarius, which both Italy and Malta refused to let dock at their ports. It was carrying 629 migrants and is now heading to Spain, which offered safe harbor, escorted by two Italian ships.

The pope said the trans-national dimension of the migration crisis required “the assistance of the entire international community” because it exceeded the capacity of individual states.

“Such international cooperation is important at every stage of migration: from departing one’s country of origin all the way to reaching one’s destination, as well as facilitating reentry and transit,” Francis said.

“In each of these countries, migrants are vulnerable, feeling alone and isolated. The recognition of this fact is vitally important if we wish to give a concrete and dignified response to this humanitarian challenge,” he said.

The conference, organised by the Vatican and Mexico, was attended by many ambassadors accredited to the Vatican.

ALEXANDRIA, Egypt, May 5, 2018 (MENA) - A conference on women, peace and security was launched at the Swedish Institute in Alexandria on Saturday with the attendance of international experts and 30 women from 10 countries including Libya, Iraq, Tunisia, Jordan, Lebanon, Palestine, Yemen, Syria, Egypt and Sweden.

Representatives from Operation 1325, a Swedish civil society organization, will attend the two-day conference.

The conference aims at empowering more women in the Middle East and North Africa regions to take part in mediation efforts with the objective of reaching peace and security worldwide.

On the sidelines of the conference, workshops and lectures will be held to help women work in peace and security operations.

Operation 1325 organization works for the implementation of UNSCR 1325, in Sweden and in partnership with women and peace organizations around the world.

PARIS, April 26, 2018 (AP) — Ministers from more than 70 countries are discussing ways to combat financing for the Islamic

State group and Al-Qaida at an international conference in Paris.

The initiative was launched by French President Emmanuel Macron to co-ordinate efforts to reduce the terror threat in the

long term. A string of attacks have killed 245 people in France since January 2015 and dozens of others have been thwarted.

The French organisers noted that IS military defeats on the ground don’t prevent the group from pursuing its terrorist

activities, along with Al-Qaida –especially in unstable regions of Afghanistan, Malaysia, the Philippines, Yemen, Egypt and

sub-Saharan Africa.

Thursday’s meeting gathers ministers of justice, finance, foreign affairs and the interior from Western countries, the Arab

world and other nations as well as representatives of 18 international organizations.

CAIRO, April 17, 2018 (MENA) - The activities of Aviation Africa 2018 Conference and Exhibition started on Tuesday under the auspices of Aviation Minister Sherif Fathi and EgyptAir Chairman and CEO Safwat Musallam.

The event was attended by secretary general of African Airlines Association (AFRAA), regional director for foreign affairs of the International Air Transport Association (IATA), head of African Civil Aviation Commission (AFCAC) and regional director of International Civil Aviation Organisation (ICAO).

After the inauguration of the conference, workshops were held for the participants to tackle a host of important issues, including the role of Africa in the aviation field, investing in the infrastructure of civil aviation projects, means to combat e-terrorism and an agreement on a unified African transport market.

As many as 660 participants from 50 countries took part in the event.

CAIRO, April 5 - President Abdel Fattah el-Sisi urged on Thursday Arab countries to unite in face of challenges besetting national Arab security.

In a speech read out by Parliament Speaker Ali Abdel Aal at the opening session of the 27th conference of the Arab Inter-Parliamentary Union, which kicked off Thursday at the headquarters of the Egyptian parliament, Sisi said the conference comes at a time when the Arab peoples were looking forward to unifying their efforts to face threats challenging their national security.

The president also called for bringing about peace in the Middle East region and establishing an independent Palestinian state on the pre-1967 borders with Al-Qods as its capital.

Egypt exerts strenuous efforts to achieve Palestinian reconciliation, he noted.

The president also praised efforts exerted by the Arab Inter-Parliamentary Union to attain Arab solidarity and deepen the culture of respect to human rights in the Arab communities.

The Arab region has become more vulnerable to the threat of terrorism more than any other corner in the world, Sisi added

Habib El-Malki Morocco's parliamentary speaker condemned in his speech during the opening session the terrorist acts which targeted Egypt and other Arab countries like Saudi Arabia which has been targeted by missiles.

He also condemned the attacks launched by Israel against the Palestinian people on Land Day. He considered such attacks as a new link in the chain of state terrorism which Israel has been practicing against unarmed Palestinian civilians.

El-Maliki called upon the international community to provide fair protection for Palestinians for the sake of securing their right in establishing a Palestinian state.     

At the same time, El-Malki congratulated President Sisi for being re-elected as Egypt's president.

Morocco will hand over the presidency of the AIPU to Egypt at the conference.

CAIRO, April 1 (MENA) - President of the Court of Cassation and Supreme Judicial Council Magdi Abu el-Ela flew Sunday to Morocco to attend the 1st conference on justice to be held in the city of Marrakesh.

Abu el-Ela is expected to deliver Egypt's speech at the beginning of the three-day conference slated to kick off on Monday.

The conference highlights the independence of the judicial authority, protecting litigation and advocacy rights and respect for the law.

It will be attended by heads of judicial councils and justice ministers from different countries.

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