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CAIRO, Sept 16 , 2018 (MENA) - Education Minister Tarek Shawky signed a protocol with Dr. Annette Bohling, Advanced chief accreditation officer, and Dr. Kem Hussain, Advanced vice president for the Middle East/ Asia- Australia, on the regulations governing the American diploma in Egypt.

In a statement on Sunday, Shawky underlined the importance of the protocol to ensure the quality of education.

He noted that the ministry is working in full power to apply the new educational system on early stages of primary schools this year.

Advanced is a nonprofit organisation to help educators improve schools and enhance learning for millions of students. 

NEW YORK, Sept 15, 2018 (MENA) - Pope Tawadros II of Alexandria and Patriarch of St. Mark Diocese has asserted that Egypt has a great history dating back to thousands of years, saying that several strong indicators show that conditions have been significantly improved.

The pontiff made the remarks on Saturday at a ceremony held here to mark the inauguration of St. Helena and St. Anasimone Church of the Coptic Orthodox Diocese of New York and New England, in Queens.

Addressing the opening ceremony, Pope Tawadros said that several services projects are currently under implementation and efforts are underway to improve the road network, pointing out that President Abdel Fattah El Sisi is exerting strenuous efforts to achieve development and ensure unity among the Egyptian people.

Separately, the Pope visited the Virgin Mary and Archangel Michael Coptic Orthodox Church in Connecticut, where he was received by a large number of church goers and representatives for Christian denominations.

Pope Tawadros is currently in the US on a pastoral visit that is set to run for weeks.

The pontiff is scheduled to visit a number of Coptic Orthodox Dioceses and churches.

He is accompanied by Bishop Domadious of Sixth of October and Osim parish, Anba Marcous of Hadayek el Qobba and Waili parish, the pope's secretaries Father Angelious Ishak and Father Amonious Adel and Bishop David of New York.


MAR DEL PLATA, Sept 15, 2018 (News Wires) - Trade and investment ministers from G20 countries meeting in Argentina said there was an "urgent need" to improve the World Trade Organization, a joint statement said.

With US President Donald Trump readying tariffs on another $200 billion in Chinese goods, the ministers said they were "stepping up the dialogue" on international trade disputes, according to the statement issued at the summit.

It did not provide any details of possible WTO reforms or how dialogue on trade was being increased.

"Obviously the new tariff measures are not positive," Argentina's Production and Labor Minister, Dante Sica, said in a news conference at the end of the one-day meeting. "But we need to see how things evolve."

German Deputy Economy Minister Oliver Wittke said the joint declaration sent a powerful signal about the importance of strengthening WTO "especially in times of 'America first' and increasing global protectionism," with next steps to follow when G20 leaders meet in Argentina at the end of November.

"We have to use this momentum," Wittke said in a statement released by the ministry after the summit.

Outside the meeting, smoke filled the air in the normally tranquil seaside city of Mar Del Plata where the conference is being held. Protesters burned makeshift American flags and chanted against free trade orthodoxy and Trump's support of Argentina's cash-strapped President Mauricio Macri, whose fiscal belt-tightening has garnered a backlash from the country's working-class.

"We're standing here in solidarity with the workers of Latin America. While those politicians sleep in fancy beds, communities starve because of trade and adjustment policies that hurt the most vulnerable," protester Maralin Cornil, 30, said.

Argentina holds the G20's rotating presidency this year, and is re-negotiating a $50 billion stand-by financing deal with the IMF, cutting its fiscal deficit targets and reducing costs to ensure it can continue paying its international debts.

Trump has said he would attend the summit's final meeting with other heads of state, in Buenos Aires on November 30.

The Trump administration has demanded that China cut its $375 billion trade surplus with the United States, end policies aimed at acquiring US technologies and intellectual property, and roll back high-tech industrial subsidies.

While Trump has threatened to pull the United States from the WTO, China has called for WTO reform to make the global trade system fairer and more effective.

The 23-year-old trading club is run on the basis of consensus, meaning that every one of its 164 members has an effective veto and it is almost impossible to get agreement on any change to the rules.

Sica also said that talks on a free trade deal between the European Union and the Mercosur trade bloc of Argentina, Brazil, Paraguay and Uruguay were wrapping up, with an agreement likely by the end of the year.

"We are in the final stages regarding the most delicate aspects of an EU-Mercosur agreement and we are concluding with the political and technical details," Sica said.



SEOUL, Sept 15, 2018 (MENA) - A US top nuclear envoy visited South Korea on Saturday, days before the leaders of the two Koreas are set to hold a summit meeting next week, Yonhap news agency reported.

Stephen Biegun arrived in Seoul, following his trips to Beijing and Tokyo where he met with his counterparts. He is to meet key officials in South Korea during his two-day stay here.

This marks his second trip to Seoul in less than a week.

Biegun earlier said that a "tremendous opportunity" has been created by summit meetings among the leaders of the two Koreas and the US, and emphasized that it is necessary to "do everything we can to make the most of this moment of opportunity."


NEW YORK, Sept 15, 2018 (MENA) - Pope Tawadros II inaugurated St. Mary & St. Antonios Coptic Orthodox Church in Queens in New York.

The pope led a Mass in which a number of Coptic bishops, priests and ordinary people also attended the inauguration.

Earlier, the pope met with a number of priests in New York and New Jersey. He told them they he will visit the new parishes in the US next year.

The pontiff started a visit for several weeks to the US as he is expected to meet a number of Coptic priests and monks.

This is the pope’s second visit to the US since assuming the pope’s post. His first visit to the US was in 2015. He then visited the southern part of the US and attended celebrations marking the 20th anniversary of the consecration of the south US diocese.



US plans have to be foiled

By the Gazette Editorial Board

Don't let us down. This was a touching and extremely expressive outcry on the part of l4-year old Palestinian pupil, Ahmed Bakr, who was invited to address the Arab League Council meeting attended by 18 foreign ministers this week.

He was appealing to the Arabs, with their national commitments and human conscience, to back the Palestinians, who have been facing a series of US atrocities against them in recent months.

Bakr, who attends one of the UNRWA schools in Jordan, was quite aware of what it meant for Palestinian children to be deprived of their right to receive education.

The US’ cutting of the funds it provides to the UN Relief and Works Agency for Palestinian Refugees (UNRWA) has drawn world condemnation because when, as the biggest donor, the US pulls back from supporting an organisation of a humanitarian nature, then it is deliberately abusing the rights of some 5.3 million Palestinian refugees for a strictly political purpose.

The US has in fact provided sufficient proof that it intends to remove the topic of refugees from the negotiating table when and if it presents the Palestinians with a so-called peace deal. The Trump Administration has already excluded Jerusalem from any future talks by recognising the city as Israel's capital.

The UNRWA, which was created by the UN General Assembly in 1949, has operated in poor areas in the West Bank and Gaza and in refugee camps in Jordan, Lebanon and Syria. It provides education to hundreds of thousands of Palestinian children and is involved in health and many other humanitarian services.

It seems that the Trump Administration has no regard for human beings who refuse to kneel down to US demands based on Israel's dictates which, in turn, violate the right of the Palestinians to a decent life.

The organisation is seeking to make up for a huge shortfall of funds in the wake of the US decision. Some countries have been quick to respond in assisting the UNRWA in its present financial crisis including Germany, Japan, India and China which have pledged to boost their funding of the organisation.

Moreover, Saudi Arabia and the UAE have committed themselves to paying an additional $50 million each.

The Arab League Secretary-General, Ahmed Abul Gheit has advocated the need for a diplomatic plan to garner further world support for the UNRWA to secure the funds needed for the organisation to carry on its mission.

Moreover, Jordan earlier said that it would host a fundraiser at the UN headquarters in New York this month in favour of the UNRWA.

According to Pierre Krahenbuhl, the commissioner-general of the UNRWA, the organisation is seeking to make up some $200 million in deficit.

The US decision regarding the UNRWA should serve as a turning point for the Palestinian cause. The Trump Administration has so far made clear its intention to liquidate the cause. It has moved its embassy to Jerusalem, cut aid from the Palestinian Authority and the UNRWA and has of late closed the PLO office in Washington.

What more does the Arab nation and do peace-loving countries need to prompt them to act to secure the Palestinians' right to an independent state?


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