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CAIRO, July 16, 2018 (MENA) - Prime Minister Moustafa Madbouli convened on Monday with the cabinet's political liaison and follow-up office within the framework of following up the steps taken so far to implement the governmental programme presented to parliament.

The meeting tackled means of removing any obstacles hampering the government programme.

During the meeting, the premier said he hates bureaucracy, and underlined the key role of the office in following up the implementation of the governmental programme.

He stressed the importance of benefiting from youths' capabilities, especially those who attended the Presidential Leadership Programme.

By the Gazette Editorial Board

President Abdel Fattah El Sisi Thursday appointed Dr Moustafa Madbouli as the new Prime Minister and assigned him to form a new government. The government of Eng. Sherif Ismail and the city governors have done their best over the past four years to accelerate the implementation of much-needed economic reforms – compared rightly to painful – but unavoidable – surgery.

In his second inaugural speech, President Sisi doffed his hat to the people and the government for working hand-in-hand to help their country rise from the rubble more strongly and prosperously, regardless of the magnitude of the accumulated challenges of many decades.

The President gave special credit to the Egyptian people for willingly, even enthusiastically, making sacrifices to fulfil the dreams he shared with them.

Now, bigger challenges lie ahead. In his second inaugural speech, President Sisi pledged to the dedicated people that his next battles would be fought in the spheres of education, healthcare and training the young people for the job market at home and abroad.

And yet another battlefield that was to be given top priority was that for the provision of better services to the public.

There is now, however, a greater possibility that the anti-corruption war will be rumbling on more forcefully than ever before. Powerful watchdogs have been given firm instructions and told that a successful anti-corruption war would have a very positive impact on the economic reforms.

Taking into consideration the fact that President Sisi has placed Egypt on the threshold of a new era and a new future, the new government and the new city governors should walk in the footsteps of their predecessors.

In other words, they should build on their predecessors’ impressive successes. They should confirm to the dedicated Egyptian people that their sacrifices will ripen more fruits and bring about more concrete successes.

Cabinet ministers and city governors, who had committed themselves to their responsibilities, will be given the opportunity to further pursue their successes.

This should not mean that those officials, who will be replaced, did not contribute to the achievements of the past four years. They did their best; but new challenges require new fighters.