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Gearing up national carrier’s potentials: Model of success

Mon, August 20, 2018 09:19

By the Gazette Editorial Board

OPERATING a massive airlift of tens of thousands of pilgrims in the span of a few weeks is indeed a major operational success for our national carrier EgyptAir as well as for all government ministries and authorities concerned, including in the foremost the Civil Aviation Ministry, the Ministry of the Interior, the Health Ministry and the Finance Ministry.  Together and through meticulous preparations, the national carrier and the government departments concerned succeeded this year in forwarding a model for joint action in the service of citizens. By all standards, ensuring the exactitude of abidance by the schedules and timetables for such a massive airlift represents a commendable inter-departmental model of co-operation and well-coordinated action in the planning implementation and delivery of a public service. Cairo International Airport and other air, sea and land facilities handle thousands of embarking and disembarking passengers every day and round the clock but undertaking such a major air transport task on time points to the spirit of energetic, dedicated engagement in the implementation of national projects and tasks.

Though EgyptAir organises massive airlifts during the pilgrimage season every year, this year’s operation is noticeably distinguished by full observance of the operational plan and outstanding performance by all staff in line with Civil Aviation Minister Yunus al-Masri’s directives which called, inter alia, for extending all facilities and care to pilgrims especially including old people, patients and humanitarian cases.  Foremost among the highlights of the operational plan, as so noted by the Chairman of the EgyptAir Holding Company, pilot Ahmed Adel, were the carrying of the largest number of pilgrims in the shortest time possible, registering the highest rate of abidance by takeoff and landing schedules and avoiding such travel snags as left or lost baggage.

Such an achievement unveils and also reasserts an extremely-important potential for the expansion of air transport as well as for the revival and growth of the tourism industry.  The remarkable success in producing an almost problem-free air transport service to such a large number of people with full observance of flight schedules establishes the country’s capability to fulfill all the requirements of the increase in the flow of tourists.  As a matter of fact, ensuring the exactitude of flight schedules however large their number is means that all prior arrangements, especially including airport facilities, passport checks, customs and health measures –tasks overseen by the ministries of civil aviation, the interior, finance and health, respectively – have also been successfully made and in record time. It is indeed a case of successful inter-departmental coordination.