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Destruction is still their aim

Wed, August 15, 2018 09:32


By the Gazette Editorial Board

On the fifth anniversary of dismantling the Muslim Brotherhood's armed Rabaa and el-Nahda sit-ins, the Cairo Criminal Court sentenced the group's supreme guide Mohamed Badie and some of its key figures to life imprisonment for their part in the violent events of El-Bahr El-Aazam in Giza.


This is not the only case in which they have been tried. Members of the group have been handed sentences in several lawsuits related to their violent reaction to the people's revolt against the rule of Mohamed Morsi on June 30, 2013, which resulted in him being toppled, with the help of the army.


The El-Bahr El-Aazam case is just one of several bloody incidents which were planned and executed during the MB's 45-day Rabaa sit-in, during which time they occupied a vital square in Nasr City, in the east of Cairo. The protesters blocked roads and gave the district's residents a very hard time, because of the noise, the crowds and the shabby appearance of the place. The residents were questioned by the MB members guarding the sit-in every time they had to go home.


The MB used the Rabaa sit-in as a platform to incite violence against the state, the army and civilians who brought down Morsi, who belonged to the group. Prominent members of the group used to take the stand in Rabaa to turn the protesters against the state. Their language was full of hatred and bloodthirsty violence.


So, the fact is, the first signs of terror were nurtured in the Rabaa sit-in. And when the security forces decided to end the illegal gathering after several appeals to the protesters to leave the place peacefully, terror acts were carried out in Sinai against the security forces in retaliation. One of the group's leading figures brought it all out in the open when he said that terror in Sinai would stop the moment Mohamed Morsi was reinstated. That was the group's first admission of their collaboration with terror groups in North Sinai.


The pain the group inflicted on the Egyptians can hardly be forgotten.


Five years on, the security forces have managed to trim their claws. But the group is still trying to destablise society with sporadic terror operations in a desperate attempt to survive.


What they are trying hard to do now is to confuse the public with a media fanfare that spreads rumours and false information, with the sole purpose of hitting back at an entire society that expelled them. And it must be said that they sometimes succeed.


They are amazingly still cherishing a far-fetched desire to stop the country's genuine progress towards development.

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