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Credible vision

Mon, June 04, 2018 14:14

By the Gazette Editorial Board

For Egyptians in the length and breadth of the country as well for the millions of Egyptians living and working abroad, President Sisi’s speech to parliament following being sworn in for a second term in office the other day was indeed a credibly reassuring statement on the promising social, economic and political prospects of national action in the four years to come.

Backed by an impressive record of concrete achievements in the drive to spread socio-economic development across the country and augmented by a successful foreign policy which has managed over the past four years to reestablish Egypt’s deserved stature at Arab, regional, African and international levels, the vision for the future as put forward in the speech acquired both credibility and worthiness.

Giant ventures for the upgrading and /or renewal of the country’s infrastructure in such vital sectors as energy, transport, housing and industry have been successfully put in place, including in the foremost the construction of new and renewable energy plants,
the building of an efficient network of roads and bridges, the opening of the New Suez Canal, the building of a series of new cities in many parts of the country, the launching of large social housing programmes and the building of new and capacity-boosting industrial plants.

Action in this direction proceeded along with an equally efficient programme for economic and monetary reform that has won the acknowledgement of international financing institutions.

All such reforms have acquired additional value and weight given the parallel social protection measures that have initiated with a view to alleviating the burden of the reforms on the economically fragile segments.

It was clearly on the basis of these and other accomplishments on the ground that President Sisi outlined the hallmarks of national action in his second term in office.

“Together we face economic, social and political challenges” was President Sisi’s summing up of these hallmarks. Emphasising at the onset of his second term in office that he is “the President for all Egyptians, those who agreed with me and those who did not” and reiterating that his national choices have all the time sided with the will of the Egyptians, President Sisi affirmed that he is looking forward to the creation of a common space for Egyptians, excluding only those who chose violence, terrorism and extremist thought as a way to impose their will.

In this context, the President paid due tribute to the Armed Forces and civilian Police for their sacrifices in heeding the call for safeguarding the nation against the powers of evil and terrorism.

Such a background of political orientation and impressive record of socio-economic developmental action confers solid credibility and worthiness on the vision that President Sisi put forward in his speech to the nation from the podium of the parliament: "We have managed to cross a very difficult stage towards a future with more stability."


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