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Digging its own grave

Sat, June 02, 2018 13:09

By the Gazette Editorial Board

The retrial of suspects linked to the terrorist Muslim Brotherhood (MB) is approaching its finale. The Cassation Court (the country’s highest court) is set to give its binding and irrevocable verdicts very soon this year.

Perhaps, the highest court will find no legal grounds to mitigate the death sentence previously handed down by the criminal courts to scores of the MB’s leaders and their lobbyists. If the highest court upholds capital punishment, the convicted MB criminals will be on death row.

Realising that the countdown has begun for the final verdict in the case of the MB convicts, the terrorist group’s panic-stricken fugitives overseas and their foreign sympathisers have unleashed a piteous life-saving campaign.

Most of the fugitives, who managed to flee and find safe haven abroad, were given death sentences or life imprisonment with hard labour in absentia. They have real fears now that the Egyptian law enforcement authorities, in collaboration with Interpol, will soon lay hands on them and send them for retrial in Egypt.

Reliable sources have disclosed that huge sums of money have been channelled to certain foreign circles and suspicious international organisations to help obtain the release of the criminals, irrespective of the terrorist crimes they committed in Egypt.

There is hardly any doubt that these ridiculous manoeuvres will backfire. The long-standing rule in Egypt is that no foreign power whatsoever can by any means meddle with Egypt’s judiciary, which is the bedrock of the country’s sovereignty and integrity.

The Egyptian people, who suffered a great deal at the hands of the MB and its terrorist lobbyists, are demanding justice to heal their wounds, which are still bleeding, and to overcome the MB nightmare, which still lingers.

Scores of MB leaders and their lobbyists are already on death row after the criminal court had earlier found them guilty of committing terrorist crimes, such as murdering innocent civilians, torching public and private property; and conspiring to undermine the national economy.

The MB and its masterminds abroad also waged a war of terror far and wide in the country hours after the Islamists were removed from power in 2013.

They mobilised armed militias linked to terrorists holding foreign nationalities to assassinate police generals, policemen and army soldiers.

Judges likewise were on the MB hit list. The assassins of the late Public Prosecutor Hisham Barakat belonged to this terrorist group.

The Egyptian people drove the last nail in the coffin of these terrorists on June 30, 2013.

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