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BRISBANE, Australia, July 5, 2018 (News Wires) -- A man in Australia was sitting on a gold mine, literally, and was oblivious of it until he discovered one himself. Anthony Doolin bought a sprawling property, in Brisbane, Australia, over three years ago for $1.35 million (Dh4.96 million). But, it wasn't until he decided to take a stroll around his 16.5 hectares land when he stumbled upon a gold mine in his back garden.

"We weren't told about it, we just found it there one day. I nearly fell over, I just pictured Indiana Jones and underground railroads," Mirror quoted  Doolin as saying in realestate.com.au.

Surprisingly, Doolin's estate which is just 12 miles from the central business district of Brisbane, has several other mines waiting to be unearthed, hidden in the hills for over a century now. "There was a lot of mining at the turn of the century and in those hills there are quite a few little mines. It's about six metres deep and is still intact," Doolin said.

However, Doolin did not explore the mines further and parted ways with the estate last week after his mother sold the property for him. In spite of the spectacular discovery, there were no buyers for the property at the reported asking price of $1.65million (Dh6.06 million). And, Doolin eventually sold the estate at same price he had bought.

In a similar discovery, just week ago a British homeowner found a WWII hideout in his back garden. Chris Scott made the incredible find when he decided to investigate the potential 'drain cover' at his home on Merton Avenue, Middlesbrough. Scott, 40, spent two days draining the cavity and finally found solid concrete Second World War bunker consisting of two rooms and two escape hatches.