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CAIRO, April 20, 2018 (MENA) - There is an ambitious national plan to restructure the Egyptian electricity system, following a shortage period that was witnessed in the past, Presidency Spokesman Bassam Radi said on Friday.

In statements to CBC Extra News channel, the spokesman said that a well-planned strategy has been outlined to upgrade the electricity system, pointing out that three new German power plants will be inaugurated in May, June and July. The plants will provide great energy for the coming generations.

The power projects with neighboring countries including Saudi Arabia, Sudan, Jordan and Libya have fruitful outcome alongside those in the energy domain, the spokesman noted, citing the good management of energy through exchanging it among the countries participating in the project as one of the expected positive result.

Radi underlined that Bibliotheca Alexandrina is a global and internationally recognized body, saying that its role comes as part of the overall strategy for combating extremist ideology.
President Sisi’s Thursday meeting with the members of the board of trustees of Bibliotheca Alexandrina comes within the framework of the annual periodical meeting of its board of trustees, he added.

BERLIN, April 18, 2018 (AP) — A giraffe in a German zoo has been outfitted with a transmitter to help scientists learn more about his habits to better protect the species in the wild.

The Berlin zoo said Wednesday that handlers trained giraffe Max for 10 months until they got him used to wearing the transmitter on his head, which makes him look a bit like a jogger wearing a headlamp for an evening run.

Spokesman Florian Sicks said the data received on Max’s feeding, roaming and dozing habits will help zoologists understand giraffes’ needs in their natural habit in Africa.

The zoo said in a statement that the number of giraffes has fallen by almost 40 per cent in the past three decades. Understanding their habits will make it easier to create sanctuary areas for them.

BERLIN, April 16, 2018 (Reuters) - German Europe Minister Michael Roth called for the European Union to adopt a united front against Russia with the aim of reducing tensions, warning that "anti-Russian reflexes" were as dangerous as naivete about Russia's "nationalist" course.

Roth's intervention, in an article for Die Welt newspaper, came amid signs that under conservative Chancellor Angela Merkel and Social Democrat (SPD) Foreign Minister Heiko Maas, Germany's position toward Russia is hardening, especially since a poison attack in Britain, widely blamed on Russia.

Roth, in remarks that seemed designed to reflect the more pro-Russian views of the SPD's members, said Europe's sanctions against Russia should be maintained, but with the aim of bringing Russia to the negotiating table.

"Sanctions aren't a goal in themselves," he wrote. "They should encourage people back to the negotiating table to work on reasonable solutions ... Anti-Russian reflexes are just as dangerous as naively relativising the nationalist-tinged policies of the Russian leadership."


CAIRO – March 9, 2018 - Minister of Tourism Rania el-Mashat on Friday met representatives of German airlines that bring German tourists to Egypt.
El-Mashat expressed her keenness to meet with German airline representatives with the Civil Aviation Minister Sherif Fatahi in a bid to strengthen cooperation with the Civil Aviation Ministry.
The two ministries play a role in boosting Egyptian tourism, El-Mashat said, adding that she wished to incorporate the represntatives' views in her ministry's policies.
The representatives voiced their desire to include Egypt in their list of destinations, saying that they were optimistic about prospects for the next tourist season.