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By Amina Abdul Salam

Dr Hossam Salah, Professor of Neurology, Cairo University and Deputy Director of the stroke unit, is back home after he participated as Egypt’s representative at the 4th international conference of the European Stroke Organisation (ESO).

The conference was held in Gothenburg, Sweden from May 16 to 18. During the conference, Dr Salah received the diamond prize certificate for Cairo University’s Stroke Unit from the ESO.

This means the unit has been classified internationally.

In this domain Egypt has come first on the Europe, Africa, Middle East and Turkey level in the field of stroke treatment.

The Diamond prize is granted by ESO as the highest international honour in the field of clot therapy. Dr Salah said that the patient receives treatment free of charge at the stroke unit, Cairo University, as a service classified as number one in Europe.

He said that a number of lectures had been given during the conference and pointed out that Egyptian expertise
in the treatment of strokes was the most successful worldwide.