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Child skin problems in summer

By Amina Abdul Salam

A baby’s skin is very sensitive, especially in hot weather with increased humidity. Thus, one of the most common skin problems for the baby in the summer is the appearance of small blisters in the folds of the skin due to excessive sweating and heat.

Dr Sherin Abdullah, Professor of Dermatology, said that the mother should dress the baby in cotton clothes, pay more attention to good ventilation and give the baby a daily bath. She stressed that neglecting this skin problem may lead to other skin infections that may even develop into boils. She said the mother should avoid using talcum powder after an injury. The powder is for prevention only.

She should use medical creams prescribed for the condition and, preferably, consult a dermatologist. She pointed out that eczema anditching may infect the child. Eczema is diagnosed according to the usual symptoms, which are itching, rash and redness in certainareas, such as the hands, head, legs and arms.

The mother, she said, should prevent her baby from scratching his skin as much as possible, because scratching the affected areas can make the rash worse. She stressed the importance of drinking a lot of water and using sunscreens that contain inorganic compounds such as zinc oxide.