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Removing excess fat

Mon, July 02, 2018 12:32

By Amina Abdul Salam

Excess fat is a problem that disturbs both sexes. Some people become greatly depressed over this and everybody is eager to get rid of excess fat in different ways, whether by following a healthy diet or through exercise.

Fat accumulates in different areas of the body such as the chest, the belly in men and belly and buttocks in women.

Belly fat is a big problem that is difficult to solve and after a short time it changes into flabbiness. Fat in other places is easier to be gotten rid of with a healthy diet or through practising a sport.

According to Dr Hani Nabil, Consultant in Plastic Surgery, getting rid of belly fat is a difficult matter, especially in cases of obesity and in such cases people often resort to a process of suction of abdominal fat.

He said that in recent years and in the wake of major developments in medical apparatuses, specialists in plastic surgery have looked for new techniques to remove belly fat because some bodies of some people do not respond to traditional methods.

Liposuction is a technique to get rid of belly fat. Dr Nabil said that liposuction is an attempt to change the shape of the body by breaking down the accumulated fat and then withdrawing it from the body. It is an operation to get rid of excess fat in the body not to cut weight.

He pointed out that the ideal patient for liposuction is one who is unable to reach the desired appearance in traditional ways, by following a diet or practising a sport. This patient suffers from accumulated fat in certain locations, not all over the body. Obese people are not suitable for the liposuction process.

He said that it is preferable to have a number of blood tests before undergoing this procedure which may be performed under full or local anaesthesia.

Some side effects may result from the surgery, such as swelling or various traumas but after six weeks these side effects will disappear. The patient may also feel a temporary numbness in some places that lasts for a week. But he can lead a normal life in five days after the surgery.

Dr Nabil recommends using a corset for six weeks after the process to prevent the skin from becoming flabby and to maintain the desired shape.


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