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British scientist, Martin Graves

Smokers spend $880 billion on tobacco products every year

Sat, June 23, 2018 17:23

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As a significant foresight of the tobacco industry future, the discussions of the Fifth Global Forum on Nicotine revealed that electronic cigarettes, especially products that are based on innovative technologies that reduce harm achieve considerable successes in local and international market.

The sessions of the Fifth Global Forum on Nicotine, held in Warsaw in the period from the June 14-16, also noted these new products are attracting more consumers every day. This is considered an indicator that the tobacco industry future would witness a major change worldwide that might result in the extinction of the traditional cigarettes that have been the number one product for centuries all over the globe.

Five hundred scientists and experts in medical fields and the tobacco industry participated in the Fifth Global Forum on Nicotine. The participants shed light on the most updated scientific researches related to the reduced harm technologies and products that depend on heating the tobacco instead of burning it. This would reduce 90 per cent of the harm caused by traditional cigarettes.

The discussion panels of the forum revealed a number of interesting facts. One of them is that tobacco industry is one of the most important industries in the world, as there are more than one billion smokers around the globe that spend more than US$800 billion to buy tobacco products. Many countries depend on the revenues of the taxes of the tobacco industry as one of the most important elements of their general annual budgets.

Other discussions, which witnessed the participation of key players in the international tobacco industry with Philip Morris International on top, noted that reduced-harm electronic cigarettes that depend on heating tobacco represent a real leap in the world of smoking. These new products derived its strength from the scientific and technical researches that Philip Morris carried out with the cost of US$3 billion until now. This is to provide safer alternatives for smokers who seek new approaches to reduce the harm of smoking or to quite it. The positive results approved by the most important international medical organisations affirm that these are the products of the future.

The sessions of the forum witnessed scientific affirmations by scientists and specialists that IQOS is one of the most famous alternative smoking products with reduced harms that depend on heating tobacco. IQOS has become quite popular all over the world as it fully abides by the conditions and cautions of the international organisations that focus on the health of people with the WHO on top of them. This is in addition to the US Food and Drug Administration and many other associations.

The participants asserted that the main message of the forum was the necessity to provide all the means to support reduced harm products. These means include demanding the governments to reduce the taxes imposed on these products and to enable companies to market them as they play an active role to preserve the general health.

From his side, the famous British scientist, Martin Graves, the consultant of the House of Commons of the United Kingdom for public health, tobacco, and smoking, said that the last period witnessed serious quests from experts all over the world to reduce the harms of smoking. Graves added that the research works proved that the severest harms do not occur from nicotine itself, but from the burning process of the cigarettes.

Graves stated that after the success of electronic cigarettes, a new generation of smoking products that depend on heating tobacco instead of burning it emerged. He revealed that Japan is the largest market in the world that uses the heat not burn technologies as the percentage of smokers who started using these products reached 27 pcen of the overall number of smokers. Graves pointed out that this change would mean saving the lives of millions of people around the world.

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