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How to avoid headache in Ramadan?

Mon, May 28, 2018 12:57

By Amina Abdul Salam

Many people get a headache during the first few days of fasting in the holy month of Ramadan, whether before or after Iftar (the sunset meal that breaks the fast). During the fast, the human body suffers from lack of glucose in the blood, which causes headache and severe fatigue. The hot weather and the lack of water and fluids also give rise to headaches.

Dr Sami Gouda, Brain and Nerves Consultant, pointed out that the brain cells always need oxygen and glucose, and the unaccustomed shortage of sugar in the blood leads to headache.

With regard to headache after Iftar, Dr Gouda said that bad eating habits are the reason. Many people are used to eating large quantities of food at Iftar and this causes a large volume of blood to be pumped into the digestive system, decreasing the flow of blood to the brain, causing headache.

To prevent headache, Dr Gouda recommends paying more attention to Suhour (the pre-dawn meal), trying to adjust the biological clock in terms of the number of hours of sleep and drinking a lot of water and fluids.


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