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CAIRO, June 24, 2018 (MENA) – President Abdel Fattah El Sisi has directed the government to observe the most up-to-date world standards in upgrading all aspects of the education system so as to lay a strong foundation for the future of education in Egypt.

The president’s directives to this effect came at a meeting he called Sunday with Prime Minister Dr. Moustafa Madbouli, Education Minister Dr Tarek Shawki, Communications and Information Technology Minister Dr Amr Talaat and the Assistant Armed Forces Chief of Staff for Systems, Major-General Aasem Abdel-Mohsen, the Spokesman for the Presidency, Ambassador Bassam Radi, said in a statement Sunday.

Observance of the latest world standards in upgrading the education system should cover all aspects, including the educational installations, curricula and the electronic infrastructure, President Sisi said during the meeting. Invoking such standards would save us the need for introducing any amendments or alteration in the foreseeable future, in effect ensuring the stability of the education system with all its aspects including e-education, the president added.

President Sisi also placed emphasis on paying due attention in the process of upgrading the education to the value system with a view to promoting the principles of discipline and commitment, Spokesman Radi said.

The meeting was called by President Sisi to review the national strategy for upgrading pre-university education, Spokesman Radi said, adding that this strategy is based upon developing the aspired skills for students in all stages and enriching the elements for building the Egyptian personality.

During the meeting, Education Minister Shawki presented a report on the basic steps taken so far to implement this strategy with the use of information technology in the areas of e-education, development of the digital content and the training of teachers.

Implementation of the new strategy, Minister Shawki said in his presentation, is due to begin during the schooling year 2018/2019.

CAIRO, June 24, 2018 (MENA) - Presidnet Abdel Fattah El Sisi on Sunday okayed the issuance of law no. 95 of 2018 on the Industrial Development Authority (IDA), after the approval of the House of Representatives.

The provisions of the law don't contradict the provisions of law no.72 of 2017 and law no. 14 of 2012 on the all-out development of Sinai peninsula.

It also stipulates eliminating prejudice to the law of economic zones no. 83 of 2002.

Minister concerned with the industrial affairs is tasked with issuing the executive statute of the law within six months after its appliance.

The law was published in the official gazette.

CAIRO, June 24, 2018 (MENA) - President Abdel Fattah El Sisi approved on Sunday a law to regulate the work of food carts in Egypt.

The law no. 92 of 2018 allows the sale, preparation and cooking of food by mobile food units under a license issued by the local administration authorities and the bodies concerned at the New Urban Communities Authority (NUCA).

The law defines mobile food units as any cart, vehicle or mobile platform whatever its form might be that is prepared for the cooking, preparation or sale of any sort of food or beverages to the public.

The law obliges mobile food units to follow the provisions of the laws, especially with regard to maintaining the safety of their products, preventing pollution, ensuring the safe disposal of their waste and abiding by traffic regulations.

The law specifies the age of an applicant for a license to operate a mobile food unit at 18 years with the condition that he/she has not been sentenced to a criminal penalty or found guilty of a crime against honor or trust.

The law was published in the official gazette.

CAIRO, June 24, 2018 (MENA) - President Abdel Fattah El Sisi approved on Sunday a law regulating land transportation services using information technology.

Under the law no. 87 of 2018, transport companies using privately-owned vehicles for commercial purposes should legalize their status within a period of not more than six months.

The law was published in the official gazette.

CAIRO, June 24, 2018 (MENA) – President Abdel Fattah El Sisi approved Law no. 90 of 2018 to amend some articles of the Law no. 5 of 2015 concerning giving priority to the Egyptian products in agreements signed by the government.

The new law defines the Egyptian product as the product that includes Egyptian components at a cost amounting to at least 40% of the total cost of the production process.

The new law was published in the state’s Official Gazette.

Ashraf Sadek

President Abdel Fattah El Sisi has stressed the need to upgrade the transport sector, which plays a pivotal role in the country’s economic development and growth.

At a meeting with Prime Minister Dr Mustafa Madbouli and Transport Minister Hisham Arafat Tuesday, President Sisi called for expediting the implementation of transport system and infrastructure projects and urged the upgrading of road safety systems, so as to reduce the number of road accidents.

Confirming that the transport sector was of central importance in view of its direct influence on the lives of people, President Sisi highlighted the need for sustained efforts to upgrade all the transport services that are provided to citizens, Presidency Spokesman Ambassador Bassam Radi said in his round-up of the meeting.

The President noted that the transport sector was an important pillar of support for the economic potential of the nation, Ambassador Radi said.

During the meeting, President Sisi reviewed the government’s plans for upgrading the transport sector and ways of applying the latest technologies to improve road safety nationwide.

“It is important to improve the transport sector because it has the capacity to strengthen the national economy,” said President Sisi, who held a separate meeting with the newly appointed Minister of Defence General Mohamed Zaki.

After reviewing the relevant government plans, President Sisi instructed Prime Minister Madbouli and Minister Arafat to initiate whatever measures they deemed necessary for improving transport, especially given its capacity to contribute to achieving economic development and attracting investment, Spokesman Radi said.

The President confirmed the importance of initiating action to set up integrated networks of roads to connect the new industrial zones to the country’s seaports.

In his presentation, Minister Arafat said that his ministry had started a plan for developing the railway system and improving its services nationwide.

The plan included using modern technologies, developing level crossings, renovating the rolling stock, buying modern locomotives and overhauling the existing ones, Minister Arafat told the President, according to Ambassador Radi.


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