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SAN FRANCISCO, Sept 11, 2018 (News Wires) - Audio equipment manufacturer Plantronics has revealed not one or two but eight new headphones, aimed at sports fanatics, avid travellers and die-hard gamers.

Set to release in time for the upcoming holiday shopping season, Plantronics' new models are additions to three of its existing lines - BackBeat FIT, BackBeat Go and RIG PRO.

The BackBeat FIT 3100 ($149.99) is a truly wireless headset, like Airpods for example, which are designed to hold comfortably, no matter the activity, as well as allow in some ambient noise. This is the latest trend for audio manufacturers, as consumers want to be able to hear some sounds, including announcements at an airport, phone calls or approaching traffic.

The BackBeat FIT 2100 ($99.99) is the latest revamped version of the original BackBeat Fit, wireless headphones with ear-tips that are to rest in the ear rather than be pushed firmly in.

The new version is more sweat- and waterproof, with more ways to control the volume and music through touches and taps; the 2100 is another pick for sporty types.