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NEW YORK, July 10, 2018 (News Wires) - The desktop version of Google Pay has now been updated with the brand’s New Material Theme as well as new features for keeping track of one’s purchases.

Earlier this year, Google Wallet and Android Pay became one: Google Pay. Since rolling out the revamped version to Android devices and Chrome, Google made it available to Firefox, Safari and iOS. Now the desktop version (pay.google.com) has received the same facelift as the app.

Google Pay allows users to pay with their phones in stores, on the web, as well as in apps, reducing the need to carry a wallet everywhere.

The Google Material Theme, the company’s “roadmap for future redesigns” has now been implemented to the desktop version, providing the same style as can be found on Gmail, Google News and Google Home.

The brand notes that its use of white space, the four colours and its custom font, Google Sans, all work together to “convey a familiarity and trust” to its users.

In addition to the aesthetic changes, there are a few new features listed on the company support page.

Users will be able to track their purchases by clicking on ‘Activity’. Saved payment methods can be added, edited, removed for cards, bank accounts or any other form of paying. Now subscriptions can also be managed, along with the ability to edit other information regarding address or name and so forth.