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By Gazette Staff

CAIRO, Sept 21, 2018 - The long-running Egyptian-American military exercise “Bright Star 2018” came to a successful end on Friday near the Mohamed Naguib Military Base, according to a statement issued by the Egyptian Armed Forces.

This year’s 12-day exercise, which started on September 8, has focus on counter-terrorism, detecting and eliminating roadside bombs, and border security operations.
Sixteen Arab and foreign countries had been invited to attend the drill as observers. Only Egyptian and US forces were taking the field.

The “Bright Star 2018” drills have included a Theatre Amphibious Combat Rehearsal, a coastal patrol boat missile and gunnery drills, as well as command post and field training exercises.

The command post exercise has also focused on unconventional forces conducting operations against coalition forces, and the field training exercise has emphasized tactical interdiction against a hybrid threat. A senior leaders’ seminar was held at the end to discuss best practices.

The “Bright Star 2018” has built on the strategic security relationship between Egypt and the United States, which plays a leading role in counterterrorism, regional security, and efforts to combat the spread of extremism. The first Bright Star exercise took place in 1980.

The activities of Bright Star 2018 drills were held at Mohamed Naguib military base and in the combat training ranges of the Northern Military Zone, the statement said.

During the 12-day exercise, the Egyptian and American forces carried out a project of the joint land-air command centres.

The project included several theoretical and practical lectures, battle preparation and organisation, command and control activities and the exchange of expertise and information.

The project also involved training on the exercise of decision-making in record time and invoking different scenarios in the face of sudden and emergency situations during the actual management of operations on the ground, the statement added.



Ashraf Sadek

CAIRO, Sept. 20, 2018 - President Abdel Fattah El Sisi has instructed the Police to maintain full coordination with the Armed Forces in protecting the security of the homeland.

President Sisi, the Chairman of the Supreme Council of Police (SCP), also called for full security alertness in order to foil attempts by terrorist and criminal groups to jeopardise the security and safety of citizens especially after the chain of successes achieved by the comprehensive Sinai 2018 Operation, which was launched on February 9.

The president gave his instructions at a meeting he held on Thursday with members of the council, the Spokesman for the Presidency, Ambassador Bassam Radi, said in a statement on Thursday.

The Minister of the Interior, Major General Mohammed Tawfiq, attended the meeting.

Thursday's meeting was one of the regular meetings President Sisi holds with senior Police commanders to examine the security situation in every part of the country.

The meetings are also meant to review the security plans and measures adopted by the police to chase and arrest terrorist elements seeking to jeopardise the security of citizens and destabilise the country.

During the meeting, the president stressed the need to take full security precautions and maintain combat preparedness to foil attempts by terrorist and criminal groups to threaten the security and safety of citizens, Spokesman Radi said.

President Sisi also instructed the senior police commanders to continue to adopt whatever measures they deemed necessary to guarantee the security of the homeland and the progress of national development.

The president praised the continuing success of the Operation Sinai 2018 and greeted the role of the police troops involved in the massive anti-terror operation.

Covering north and central Sinai, the Nile Delta and the Western Desert, the operation is targeting "terrorist and criminal elements and organisations".

President Sisi said it was important to uphold the noble police ethics and values, which have for long distinguished the Egyptian Police.

CAIRO, Sept 9, 2018 (MENA) - Under the auspices of President Abdel Fattah El Sisi, the ministries of defense and military production will organize, in cooperation with the Clarion Events, the EDEX – Egypt Defense Expo 2018 on December 3-5.

The inaugural EDEX is fully supported by the Egyptian Armed Forces and presents a brand new opportunity for exhibitors to showcase the latest military and security technology, equipment and systems across land, sea and air.

More than 300 Egyptian and international defense companies will take part in the event, said military spokesman Col. Tamer el Refai Sunday, expecting the expo to attract over 10,000 visitors from the different world countries.



CAIRO, Sept 8, 2018 (MENA) - The Egyptian Armed Forces celebrate Saturday the golden jubilee of the Egyptian artillery, which is considered one of the shields that protect the homeland and its sanctity.

On the sidelines of the ceremony, a host of the Egyptian artillerymen will be honored for their efforts to maintain the homeland's security over the past period.

The ceremony also coincides with the 45th anniversary of 6th of October War victory.

CAIRO, Sept 7, 2018 (MENA) – Egypt's Navy on Friday celebrated the launch of the first Egyptian-made Gowind-class corvette which will be commissioned soon.

The warship was built by the armed forces' Alexandria Shipyard company in cooperation with France's state-owned shipbuilder Naval Group.

The multi-mission frigate is designed for surveillance, surface and subsurface combat, protection and escort naval missions. It can also perform monitoring and policing missions.

This comes as part of the Egyptian Armed Forces' efforts to support the army's combat and technical capabilities.

Delivering a speech at the beginning of the ceremony, Commander of the Egyptian Naval Forces Vice Admiral Ahmed Khaled asserted that the General Command of the Armed Forces is keen to implement a comprehensive strategy for developing and modernizing the Egyptian naval fleet, with the aim of enhancing security and stability in Egypt’s maritime zones and strengthening its ability to face current challenges and threats in the region.

The new frigate, the most advanced unit in the Egyptian Navy, is expected to contribute to achieving maritime security, protecting borders and economic interests along the Red and Mediterranean seas, in addition to securing the navigation traffic in the Suez Canal, he said.

For his part, Board Chairman of the French Naval Group greeted the efforts exerted by Alexandria Shipyard company's workers to build the frigate in record time and their insistence to get acquainted with the latest technologies in this regard.

CAIRO, Aug 8 , 2018 (MENA) - The command of the popular and military defence forces organised in tandem with the Veterans and War Victims Association a seminar at a private university to raise the awareness of students regarding the challenges facing the country.

The seminar also reviewed state efforts to counteract rumuors and false information.

The seminar falls within the framework of the Armed Forces General Command's keenness on keeping in touch with youths.

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