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BEIJING, Sept 14, 2018 (MENA) - Egypt ranks first as the most visited tourist destination in Africa by Chinese tourists, according to the Chinese tourists network.

In its report on Friday, the network said that Egypt followed by Mauritius, Kenya, South Africa and Tunisia as the most popular tourist destinations visited by Chinese holidaymakers in Africa.

CAIRO, August 29, 2018 (Reuters) - Egypt’s tourism revenues jumped 77 per cent in the first half of 2018 to around $4.8 billion compared with the same period last year, a government official told Reuters on Wednesday.

The number of tourists who visited Egypt in that time jumped 41 per cent to around 5 million tourists, added the official.

The tourism sector is one of the country’s main sources of foreign currency.  A total of 14.7 million people visited Egypt in 2010 before the uprising.

How about a working holiday?

By Youssra el-Sharkawy

Many young people count the days to summer and plan their vacations ahead. Amir Youssef, 21, is among those who eagerly await the end of his university study months. His reason for this, however, is different from that of many of his university colleagues, although some others also think like him.

For him, the hot season is not only for relaxing by the sea, or practising some time consuming holiday hobby. He always looks forward to starting a summer job.

Youssef, who studies history at the Faculty of Arts, usually works during the summer vacation to make some money and gain useful experience for what he sees as his future career.

Each summer, he chooses a different town in which to spend the four month vacation, working in a restaurant, or a coffee shop by the sea.

"I like to make it two in one. I work during the summer but at the same time I don’t spend the summer in the capital, but by the sea. So, I have some time for swimming and enjoying the beach," he told the Mail.

This year, Youssef chose to work as a waiter in the Red Sea resort of Sharm el-Sheikh.

According to the Egyptian Tourism Promotion Authority, Sharm el-Sheikh had a great turn out during the Eid el-Adha holiday. Hotels were 100 per cent booked up during the vacation that started on August 20. The Authority said a great many tourists from Ukraine, Germany, Italy, Saudi Arabia and other countries arrived in Sharm el-Sheikh.

"It's a high season and many restaurants need more waiters to cope with the large number of visitors," Youssef said.

"I get LE70 (about $4) a day and I can work up to seven days a week if I want. This helps me to buy new clothes and books. I don’t ask my family for money. I'm responsible for my expenses."

Besides making some money, Youssef also gains experience that can help him after graduation.

"It helps me to know how to deal with tourists and know more about the traditions of each nationality. This is important for me as a student of history. I also want to work in the tourism sector after university. It also improves my English language skills," he said.

If the majority of young men who work during their summer vacation do so as waiters in the coastal cities, some others summon up talents that allow them to take a creative part in the entertainments hosted by the hotels.

Ahmed Mosad, who studies folk arts, goes to Sharm el-Sheikh to join a dance troupe that performs in one of the hotels there.

"During summer there is a great turn out of folk dance troupes. The tourists enjoy them. So, between July and September, I join a troupe there. It is well paid," he said.

Mayada Amin, 22, who studies law, is also a member of a dance troupe. "I like dancing, it’s my passion. I don’t practise it in Cairo because I have to study and it’s not easy to find part-time work at the Cairo hotels. They usually hire troupes they deal with for a long time," she said. As a woman, who travels alone from Cairo to the coastal towns to join dance troupes,
she is on the defensive against sexual harassers. But she speaks highly, of her time in the holiday towns when it comes to that aspect of matters.

"At this time in Sharm el-Sheikh, it is easy to find a job as it is a high season. I don’t find big problems there. And there are no harassing eyes. I dress how I want and practise the art I love without any restrictions," she said.

"Sharm offers me much greater freedom than the capital. I wish I could one day leave the crowded capital and live there for ever."

Amany Hassan, a psychiatrist, believes that summer jobs are a good thing that every young man or woman should go in for.

"Instead of spending the summer lazing about and going on worthless outings, it's better for young people to depend on themselves and make some money working. This will make them appreciate money because they put an effort into earning it," she told the Mail.

LUXOR, Upper Egypt, August 25, 2018 (MENA) - Vietnamese President Tran Dai Quang arrived in Luxor International Airport to make tourist tour amid tight security measures.

The one-day visit came upon invitation by President Abdel Fattah El Sisi.

Quang will pay a visit to temples and Pharaonic tombs in the East and West Banks besides attending one of the sound and light shows.

The Vietnamese president is scheduled to meet Luxor Governor Mohamed Badr and lawmakers in preparation for inking a tourist cooperation protocol between Vietnam and the Upper Egyptian governorate.

In the airport, Quang was welcomed by Badr besides other Egyptian officials and a delegation of the Vietnamese Embassy in Egypt as well as senior security leaders in the governorate.

Giza, August 4, 2018 (MENA) - The Grand Egyptian Museum (GEM) received the red granite head of the statue of King Senusret I from an antiquities' storehouse in Cairo Citadel in order to be displayed with the opening of the museum in 2019.

In a statement late Friday, GEM general supervisor Tareq Tawfiq said the head is carved from red granite and has the common artistic features found in pieces attributed to the Middle Kingdom.

The head, which was discovered in 2005 in Souq Al-Khamis at the Matriya archaeological site by an Egyptian-German mission, portrays the facial features of King Senusret I wearing a partial headdress.

The statue's royal beard, which was discovered 10 meters away from the corresponding head in 2008, was also transported to the museum.

The head, according to Ayman Ashmawy, the head of the Ancient Egyptian Antiquities Section who discovered the artifact in 2005, measures 122 cm x 108cm x 75cm and weighs roughly two tons.

Eissa Zidan, general director of the First Aid Restoration Department at the GEM, said Friday that the restoration team and archaeologists used the latest technology in the packing and transportation of the head and beard, which required wooden beams to settle the objects onto a hydraulic crane for lifting.

The head and beard are now at the GEM conservation center for restoration, study, examination, analysis and documentation, while a three-dimensional imaging technique will be used to illustrate the suggested methods to re-attach the head to the beard.


CAIRO, July 27, 2018 (MENA) - Egyptian Tourism Minister Rania el Mashat had a meeting on Friday with Speaker of Sri Lankan Parliament Karu Jayasuriya and State Minister of Tourism Development Ranjith Aluwihare to discuss aspects of cooperation between Cairo and Colombo.

The meeting was also attended by Sri Lankan Ambassador in Cairo Ramiah Yogarajan. It falls within the framework of the Sri Lankan delegation's current visit to Cairo that will last till Sunday, July 29.

In a statement, the Tourism Ministry said that the meeting stressed the importance of the human factor in the tourism sector.

In this context, Mashat said training and qualifying the staff of the tourism sector tops the ministry's agenda, as the ministry develops a comprehensive strategy to create well-qualified cadres able to improve the quality of the services provided to the tourists.

Answering the delegation's question on the possibility of cooperation through the tourism training centers here, she stressed that these centers will be activated again in the coming period.

The minister lauded the economic growth of Sri Lanka over the past period, adding that the Asian market is one of the emerging markets, which the ministry targets.

"Egypt witnesses noticeable increase in the number of the Asian tourists who visited the country," she pointed out.

Jayasuriya, for his part, expressed his country's interest in increasing the number of flights between the two countries.

The visiting Sri Lankan delegation expressed keenness on boosting cooperation with Egypt in the field of hotels management and exchanging expertise in tourism promotion and marketing.

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