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CAIRO, August 7, 2018 (MENA) – Minister of State for Military Production Dr Mohamed el-Assar and Nigerian Minister of Defence, Mansur Muhammad Dan,have discussed strengthening co-operation between Egypt and Nigeria.

Dr el-Assar and the Nigerian Minister of Defence and his delegation visited one of the Military Production factories for manufacturing and repairing weapons. El-Assartold the Nigerian minister that he was keen on expanding the scope of co-operation between the two countries in various fields of industrialisation. He reviewed the technical and technological capabilities of the military production companies that can be exploited in joint manufacturing projects implemented by Egyptian military production companies and Nigerian companies operating in similar fields. El-Assar called for an exchange of visits by delegations from the military production companies of both countries, to determine how to promote joint industrialisation, so as to facilitate coordinated work in this field in the future.

The Nigerian Minister of Defence said he was proud to see howadvanced the military production factories were in manufacturing tanks, guns, armoured vehicles, radar, electronic warfare equipment and communications equipment,which invited the establishment of common projects and the opening of many fields of co-operation and exchange of expertise by the two countries.

CAIRO, August 4, 2018 (MENA) - Egyptian Military Production Minister Mohamed el Assar discussed with Stuart Jones, Bechtel region president for Europe and Middle East, means of boosting joint cooperation between the Military Production Company for Engineering Projects, Consultancies and General Supplies and the US company.

The Bechtel official voiced his confidence in the Military Production Ministry, mainly in light of its great technological and industrial capabilities.

Jones said that the military production company is capable of implementing projects precisely, delivering them on time and at competitive prices, a fact that helps go into a successful partnership with it to establish mega projects as part of Egypt Vision 2030.

At the end of the meeting, the US company was invited to send technicians and specialists to the military production company so as to get acquainted with its capabilities as well as to outline a joint future cooperation plan.



CAIRO, July 30, 2018 (MENA) - State Minister for Military Production Mohamed el Assar discussed with Trade and Industry Minister Amr Nassar boosting bilateral cooperation in setting up major industrial projects.

The Military Production Ministry said in a statement on Monday that Assar reviewed with Nassar the potentials of the military production companies and factories that played a key role in serving the national industry.

The two sides discussed the possibility of manufacturing auto spare parts and boosting complementary automotive industries in light of the Egyptian market's potentials that enable it to become a logistics hub for automotive components in the Middle East and Africa.

They also mulled setting up an integrated industrial complex for household appliances, a matter that will promote local industry and save foreign currency spent on importing home appliances.

For his part, the trade minister stressed the importance of operating factories at their full capacity to cater to the local market needs and boost national economy.

He voiced confidence in the Military Production Ministry's products that are manufactured in accordance with global standard specifications and quality management standards and at highly competitive prices.

He also underlined the necessity of maximising the benefit of the military production's potentials in a way that contributes to the implementation of the Trade and Industry Ministry's strategy to promote industrial development and local manufacturing and beef up exports to African countries.

Staff report:

CAIRO, July 16, 2018 - The upgrading of Military Production Ministry-affiliated companies and factories was the subject of a meeting that President Abdel Fattah El Sisi called Monday with the State Minister for Military Production, Dr Mohamed al-Assar.

Noting that military production industries have a key role in the growth of the national economy, President Sisi stressed the importance of sustaining the efforts aimed at upgrading the companies and industrial plants of the Military Production Ministry, the Spokesman for the Presidency, Ambassador Bassam Radi, said in a statement following the meeting.

In addition to its principal task of meeting the Armed Forces needs of military products, Military Production Ministry's industrial output has an important role in the invigoration of the national industrial potential especially through fulfilling the needs of the local market and exporting the production surplus, President Sisi said in the course of the meeting.

In directives he gave during the meeting, President Sisi called for the consolidation of co-operation between the ministry and big, specialised world companies in such a manner as would lead to the acquisition of modern technology and localising it, Spokesman Radi said.

Such co-operation, the president elaborated, would open new horizons for industrial development on the basis of the capacity for innovativeness and advancement with the use of local potentials. The aspired co-operation, President Sisi added, can furthermore contribute to unleashing an industrial boost and the launching of such advanced projects that can serve as a driver for the national economy. Minister Assar outlined to President Sisi the ministry's overall strategic vision for the coming stage and its plan for upgrading its affiliate companies and factories, Spokesman Radi said. The plan, he added, aims to realise the comprehensive development of equipment, human resources, quality control system, training and marketing, thereby expanding the extent of participation in the state's plans for comprehensive development.

During the meeting, Minister Assar also reviewed the efforts made by the ministry to co-operate with other government ministries, governorates and state departments in various sectors. The aim of such co-operation, Minister Assar went on, is to ensure the optimum utilisation of national resources and assist state institutions in the achievement of the development goals.

The Military Production Ministry, Dr Assar emphasised, is keen on offering the best services with the most up-to-date standards to citizens.

Dr Assar then presented a report to President Sisi on the areas of co-operation between the ministry and some other countries such as Iraq, Russia, Germany and China, the presidency spokesman said in his statement. Co-operation with foreign countries, Minister Assar said, leads to the exchange of expertise between the personnel of military production industries and the staffs of world companies. Furthermore, such co-operation makes it possible for military production companies to market their products abroad, consequently increasing the country's foreign currency revenues and boosting the volume of exports.

CAIRO, July 16 , 2018 (MENA) - President Abdel Fattah El Sisi stressed Monday the importance of continuing efforts to develop companies and factories affiliated to the Ministry of Military Production.

Sisi made these remarks during his meeting with Minister of State for Military Production Dr Mohamed El Assar.

He underlined the ministry's role in developing the national economy and industry, as well as meeting the needs of the local market, exporting surplus production and developing military products to cover the needs of the Armed Forces.

The president also stressed the need to boost co-operation between the ministry and major global companies in order to acquire modern technology and open up new horizons in the industry based on the ability to innovate and develop by local capabilities, in addition to establishing development projects to boost the Egyptian economy.

In press statements, Spokesman for the presidency Bassam Rady said the meeting reviewed the comprehensive strategic vision of the ministry in the coming period and the plan to develop factories and companies affiliated to it.

Rady pointed out that Minister Assar briefed President Sisi on the ministry's efforts to co-operate with various ministries and state institutions in different sectors, stressing that the ministry aims to optimise national resources and help state institutions achieve development goals and provide the best services to citizens. 

The minister also presented a report on the prospects of co-operation between the ministry and a number of countries, such as Iraq, Russia, Germany and China, in a way that contributes to exchanging expertise between the employees of military production companies and global companies, as well as marketing products of companies affiliated to the ministry in global market, which contributes to increasing the foreign exchange earnings and exports.

CAIRO, June 26, 2018 (MENA) - Minister of State for Military Production Mohamed el Assar Tuesday conferred with Minister of Communication and Information Technology Amr Talaat on a number of issues pertaining to co-operation in future plans to be carried out between the two ministries.

Assar congratulated the minister on his new post and said he is looking forward to continuing the current high-level of cooperation between the two ministries within the framework of the Sustainable Development Strategy: Egypt's vision 2030.

The Ministry of Military Production has great technical and technological potentials that can be used in projects implemented by the Communication and IT ministry, he said.

The meeting covered cooperation particularly in electronics industries such as tablets and expanding training through the Information Technology and Communications Institute to prepare technical cadres at the Ministry of Military Production, Talaat said

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