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CAIRO, Sept 19 , 2018 - Egypt is firmly moving towards building up the state and countering extremism and terrorism, Minister of Justice Hossam Abdel Reheem said on Wednsday.

“The army and police forces are sacrificing their lives to protect the nation from the traitors who are seeking to destroy civilisation,” the minister said during the opening of the 11th meeting of Arab government experts in international humanitarian law which was held in Cairo on Wednsday.

Minister Abdel Reheem added: “Egypt with its ancient history and civilisation respects and applies all international agreements and the regulations of the international humanitarian law because it believes in its principles and their relevance to the circumstances being experienced by the Arab region.

“It was an honour for Egypt to host the activities of the first six meetings of Arab government experts concerned with issues of international humanitarian law, between 2001 and 2007,” the minister said. He added that the idea of holding this meeting was to boost efforts to apply international humanitarian law at the national and Arab levels.

These efforts are in implementation of the recommendations of the Arab regional conference which concluded its activities by issuing the Cairo Declaration in 1999. The conference was held to mark the 50th anniversary of the four Geneva agreements in 1949.

The 11th meeting of Arab government experts began in Cairo on Wednsday with the co-operation of the International Committee of the Red Cross. Representatives of 17 Arab countries attended.

By Ashraf Sadek

CAIRO, August 29, 2018 - Twenty highly dangerous terrorists were eliminated during an exchange of fire with security forces in the course of Comprehensive Operation Sinai 2018, the Armed Forces said in a communiqué on Wednesday.

The terrorists, who were planning to target forces raiding the operational zones in Northern and Central Sinai and the Western Desert, were detected and liquidated by military troops in the past few days, the communiqué said.

The Comprehensive Operation Sinai 2018 was launched on February 9 to target terrorist hideouts and arrest fugitives. The operation is being carried out by the Armed Forces and the Police.

The Armed Forces’ 27th communiqué issued on Wednesday said that during the operation, 18 terrorist hideouts which also contained explosives, weapons, ammunition, car spare parts and motorcycles were destroyed in Central and Northern Sinai.

The communiqué said that caches of automatic weapons, ammunition and communication devices were also found and destroyed in the same area, as were ten cars and six motorcycles that were being used by terrorist elements.

Since the start of the operation, the Armed Forces have been taking all the precautionary measures deemed necessary to protect the lives and property of the civilians living near where the anti-terror operation is under way.

The Armed Forces have also rounded up more than 18 fugitives, the communique said, summing up the sorties mounted so far by troops of the Second and Third Field Armies and of the Police in Northern and Central Sinai.

During the operations, the Air Force destroyed 38 cars that had been used by terrorist elements in the Western Desert. Seven “takfiri” elements were eliminated while attempting to track and target the troops in the theatre of operations, the communiqué said.

"The Armed Forces are determined to combat and defeat terrorism," the communiqué confirmed.

By Ashraf Sadek:

CAIRO, July 12, 2018 - Lieutenant General Mohamed Farid, the Armed Forces Chief of Staff, Thursday asserted that the heroes of the Armed Forces were exerting great efforts to fight terrorism in Northern and Central Sinai.

‏During a surprise visit to the Third Field Army troops in Central Sinai, Lt. Gen. Farid  noted that the Armed Forces were undertaking the task of securing and protecting the nation on all axial directions not only the Sinai.

‏During his meeting with the unit commanders, Lt. Gen. Farid referred to efforts and sacrifices made by the Armed Forces. Tribal chiefs of Central and Northern Sinai attended the meeting.

‏The visit came within the framework of Lt. Gen. Farid's keenness on following up the progress of the comprehensive Operation Sinai 2018 now being carried out across the country.

He ordered the commanders to maintain the highest level of preparedness to swiftly and effectively thwart any action or plot aiming at undermining Egypt's national security.

Earlier, Lt. Gen. Farid inspected the army combat units, formations and land patrols that were assigned to defend and secure Northern and Central Sinai.

He praised the high capabilities and efficiency of the troops and their efforts to precisely hit terrorist targets and eliminate the terrorists in Central and Northern Sinai, where a comprehensive counter-terrorism operation had been going on since February 9.

From a command centre in Central Sinai, Lt. Gen. Farid, who followed-up the progress of the operation activities, reiterated to the commanders in charge of the army units the importance of up-keeping the morale of troops and ensuring that they received proper sustenance and administrative backup.

He also discussed with commanders their anti-terrorism plans and ways of maintaining Sinai's safety.


Egypt army role praised

Gazette Staff

CAIRO, July 4, 2018 - The Chief of the Staff, Lieutenant General Mohamed Farid, on Wednesday witnessed a series of early morning training session by the Armed Forces special troops.

Following the drills, Lt. Gen Farid gave a brief speech during which he praised the officers' fighting skills and outstanding training.

He also saluted the army forces for their outstanding role combatting terrorism and maintaining the nation's security and the safety of its citizens.

Lt. Gen. Farid praised the high capabilities and efficiency of the officers and soldiers and their efforts to reach the highest levels of preparedness for any combat mission.

He called upon them to keep maintaining their notable physical and mental fitness and preparedness as well as upholding the noble and lofty military values which have for long distinguished the Egyptian Armed Forces.

Wednesday’s ‏ visit came within the framework of Lt Gen. Farid's keenness on following up on training and qualification programmes for military personnel.

Gazette Staff

CAIRO, June 21, 2018 - The security troops killed 32 takfiris and arrested 12 others as part of the Sinai 2018 comprehensive operation in North and Central Sinai over the past few days, the army said in its 24th televised communiqué this morning.

The troops, comprising army and police forces, raided and destroyed 272 hideouts of takfiris, the communiqué said. The security forces seized arms, ammunitions, cash, military uniforms, PCs, telecommunication gadgets, cameras, explosives and some takfiri books, it said.

According to the army statement, a total of 84 wanted outlaws were detained in the raids. The air forces destroyed 21 targets in North Sinai, in addition to two vehicles carrying arms and ammunitions.

The security forces also detonated 15 improvised explosive devices and wiped out 28 bhang farms in the raids, it added.


By: Ashraf Sadek

CAIRO, May 25, 2018 - Egypt's President Abdel Fattah El Sisi, accompanied by senior Government officials and top army officers, performed the Friday prayers at the Field Marshal Tantawi Mosque in New Cairo.

President Sisi's appearance at the Mosque coincided with Egypt's marking the 1973 War, which broke out on Ramadan 10 some 45 years ago.

Before the prayer, Dr. Osama el-Azhari, the President's Religious Affairs Advisor, delivered a sermon in which he said that Egyptians would always remember with pride that glorious honourable martyrs of the nation and hail their immaculate souls.
Dr. Azhari also said that the Egypt would never forget those illustrious martyrs and late president Anwar el-Sadat, who had taken the courageous war decision on Ramadan 10 and ordered the Egyptian army to cross the Suez Canal.

Following the prayer, President Sisi, the Supreme Commander of the Armed Forces, chaired a meeting attended by Defence Minister General Sedki Sobhi, the Chief of Staff, Lt. General Mohamed Fareed, and senior army and police officers.

President Sisi and the senior officers reviewed the latest developments in Operation Sinai 2018, which was launched on February 9 in pursuance of earlier rounds in the war on terrorism which carried the name of The Martyr’s Right that began in 2016.

The present operation, which has a comprehensive and intensive framework, is a massive anti-terror operation targeting terrorist and criminal in central and northern Sinai as well as areas in the Nile Delta and the Western Desert.

Sinai 2018, which involves land, sea, air forces, and police troops, comes within the purview of President Sisi's orders to the Armed Forces to eliminate terrorism.

During the meeting, President Sisi praised the Armed Forces’ relentless efforts to eradicate terrorism in Sinai. He also paid tribute to the patriotic role of the Armed Forces in the service of the nation.  

President Sisi directed all security agencies to remain on full alert in order to guarantee the security of the homeland and the safety of citizens.

President Sisi praised the efforts made by the Armed Forces and the police in confronting terrorist elements nationwide.

The President also asserted the need to continue and intensify such efforts to confront terrorism strongly and decisively.

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