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CAIRO, August 10, 2018 (MENA) - Egypt is distinguished by possessing a number of religious complexes, including the sacred Valley complex in Saint Catherine, the Religious Complex in Old Cairo, Haret Zuweila complex in Islamic Cairo and El Bahnasa complex in Minya, said Abdel Rahim Rihan, the Director General of Research and Archaeological Studies and Scientific Publishing in Sinai.

Rihan told MENA on Friday that the Antiquities Ministry is set to establish the fifth religious complex in Alexandria City, a move that is expected to coincide with the beginning of the restoration work at Anji Hanim mosque in central Alexandria.

The fifth religious complex will include Eliyahu Hanavi Synagogue, the Church of Saint Sabbas the Sanctified, the Attarine Mosque, also known as the Mosque of St. Athanasius and Anji Hanim mosque, Rihan noted.


Sink or swim

 By Ramadan A. Kader

People swelter as one heatwave after the other scorches the country. The way out? Rushing to the seaside beaches and make a splash in refreshing water. But, holidaymakers at a famous seaside spot in the Mediterranean Sea city of Alexandria were last week in for an unpleasant surprise.

The city's Governor Mohamed Sultan ordered the closure of Al Nakheel beach in the district of el-Agami after a spike in drownings there. Fourteen deaths have been reported off the beach since the start of summer in mid-June.

Local authorities enforced the closure order, barring holidaymakers from having access to the place, dubbed in the media “The Beach of Death”. Local officials said that the move was necessary for public safety.

Iron barriers were deployed to stop people from reaching the site. Even though, some visitors, anxious to beat the heat, continue to circumvent the ban and make a splash, one official said.

“They risk their lives,” Ahmed Hegazy, the head of Alexandria summer resorts department, told private newspaper Al-Shorouk. He added that they promise not to swim farther than 10 metres off the notorious beach.

“They say they have come from the end of the world in order to enjoy the sea. But drowning can happen in a distance less than this.”



ALEXANDRIA, July 20, 2018 (MENA) - The giant black granite sarcophagus that was discovered at a 2000-year-old Ptolemaic tomb in Alexandria has arrived at Mustafa Kamel Hellenistic Necropolis.

Upon its arrival, operations to move the sarcophagus to its new place inside Mustafa Kamel Necropolis started.

Earlier in the day, the base of the sarcophagus has been unearthed, marking the end of its full lifting operations.

The base of the sarcophagus was pulled out by a committee grouping archaeologists and experts. It was lifted by a huge crane and special equipment.

Alexandria Governor Mohamed Sultan followed up the operation of moving the sarcophagus to its new display area inside Mustafa Kamel Necropolis.

ALEXANDRIA, July 20, 2018 (MENA) - One woman was killed on Friday and six others were wounded in a two-vehicle collision on Cairo–Alexandria desert highway.

Alexandria security chief Mohamed el Sharif was notified about a traffic accident that occurred when a private car collided with a microbus on Cairo-Alexandria desert road.

The dead and the injured were moved to El Ammereya General Hospital.

The prosecution was notified to open a probe.


MARSA MATROUH, Egypt, July 12 , 2018 (MENA) - Eight people were killed and 17 others injured after a bus collided with a truck on Alexandria-Matrouh highway.

Marsa Matrouh security chief Hisham Nasr was notified by Ras el-Hikma Hospital for Emergency and Relief that the hospital had received the bodies of eight victims along with 27 persons who were wounded in the accident.

The prosecution was notified to start investigations into the accident.

ALEXANDRIA, July 1, 20l8 (MENA) - A contractor found an antique coffin weighing 30 tonnes while digging in a 150-square metre piece of land to construct a building in eastern Alexandria.

The 1.85-meter-high coffin is made of black granite with a length of 2.75 metres x 1.65 meters.

Procedures are underway to get the coffin out.

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