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The Minister of Interior, Gen Mahmoud Tawfik, speaking Sunday to a batch of new officers who joined the police service.

Interior Minister: Security success basic component of society-building, progress

Sun, August 19, 2018 22:28

Staff report:

CAIRO, August 19, 2018 - The Minister of the Interior, Gen Mahmoud Tawfik, has emphasised that the march of the state for the realisation of development and building demands the shouldering of responsibilities, serious and sustained action and upholding the values of citizenship. The sincere efforts and dear sacrifices that Police and Armed Forces personnel have made, he said, reflect the large extent of the patriotic responsibility that they bear, having presented the most remarkable ideals of offering and sacrifice.

Speaking Sunday to the batch of new officers who joined the police service, the minister of the interior paid tribute to the sacrifices of police and armed forces' martyrs and said that we all are demanded to coordinate efforts and persist in action to continue the march of the security successes that have been achieved.

Minister Tawfik also stressed the necessity of consolidating the close relationship with citizens and wished the new officers all success in their career. He emphasised to them they are undertaking the responsibility of security with full awareness of the duties and also with full estimation of the rights.

Noting that security is one of the necessary components for the building and progress of the society, Minister Tawfik emphasised that Police and Armed Forces personnel are the security valve and that the success of their mission paves the way for all state institutions to build the society.

The message of security, the minister told the new officers, is one of the loftiest messages that have been stressed by divine canons, adding that this message is based upon the maintenance of the rights and freedoms of citizens and protecting their dignity in accordance with the guarantees of the Constitution and the law. The message of security, Minister Tawfik added, is also based upon commitment to the principles of human rights.

The guarantee for the realisation and success of this message, the minister said, is the unison between citizens and policemen, adding that the Ministry of the Interior spares no effort in making available all potentials deemed necessary for optimising this message.

In guiding remarks to the new police officers, Minister Tawfik recommended them to continuously seek the consolidation of co-operation with all institutions and bodies of the state. He also recommended the new officers to be keen on treating citizens well and to facilitate the provision of security services to citizens.

In this regard also, the minister stressed the importance of responding swiftly to notifications, interacting positively with complaints and seeking to find solutions to complaints. All through, the law should be enforced on all and the security performance should fulfill the hopes and aspirations of citizens, Minister Tawfik said.

Reviewing the current events on the domestic, regional and international arenas, the minister stressed the importance of seeking the upgrading and modernisation of the security performance and recognising the security and political challenges of the current stage especially in view of the continuation of desperate designs to spread rumours and raise suspicions over the patriotic role of the institutions of the state.

Minister Tawfik then asserted the necessity of maintaining preparedness and alertness at all security sites and services as well as the importance of leaving no hole open for terrorist activity given that foreign support for extremist and anti-state groups continues to flow. The minister also stressed the importance of adopting modern and up-to-date techniques in identifying the perpetrators of criminal law-breaking and political crimes.

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