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CAIRO, June 19, 2018 (MENA) - Egypt's Minister of State for Military Production Mohamed Saeed el Assar discussed on Tuesday with Minister of Awqaf Mohamed Mokhtar Gomaa cooperation between their ministries.

In statements, Assar said the meeting tackled cooperation between the military production company for projects and engineering and the Awqaf authority to make use of the assets of the authority and invest them while drawing on the expertise of the military production company.

He cited cooperation between the two sides developing an old secondary school which is affiliated to the Awqaf Ministry in Greece.

Assar said cooperation between both ministries is part of the keenness of the state to make optimal use of the extensive assets and lands of the Awqaf Ministry.

It also highlights the military production ministry's great potentials and capability to carry out development and investment projects in various fields.

For his part, Gomaa praised the military production ministry for its efficiency in carrying out projects assigned to it and success to finalize them on schedule.

CAIRO, June 12, 2018 (MENA) - Egypt's Minister of Military Production Mohamed Saeed el Assar witnessed the signing of a cooperation agreement between the National Organization for Military Production (NOMP) and the UAE's Al Falah Contracting Company at the ministry's premises.

In statements on Tuesday, Assar said the agreement aims at boosting cooperation between the two sides in the field of producing ready-mix high strength concrete with all necessary technical specifications.

The agreement also provides a chance for studying the establishment of a joint plant to produce ready-mix concrete to supply all projects currently under construction in Egypt, he added.

Assar noted that the NOMP is a major industrial facility with vast industrial and technological capabilities and is involved in the implementation of major national projects across the country as part of its comprehensive development plan for 2030. Hence, he regards the cooperation agreement clinched between NOMP and Al Falah Company to produce the ready-mix concrete as important for meeting the Egyptian market needs and decreasing importation.

Meanwhile, Al Falah Company Chairman Zayed Al Falah voiced confidence that NOMP's industrial potentials and its good reputation in performing its assignments will help in accelerating the implementation of the agreement.

CAIRO, June 8, 2018 (MENA) - Minister of State for Military Production Mohamed Saeed El-Assar discussed Friday with Beni Suef Governor Sherif Habib the latest developments in the project of growing medicinal and aromatic herbs in the governorate.

During the meeting, Assar said, "according to President Abdel Fattah El Sisi's directives, the military production companies will manufacture drainage stations with local and modern technology for Beni Suef".

He also pointed out that the possibility of establishing the project is being currently studied to set agricultural and industrial complex there in order to increase national income and lure investments, adding that the ministry would provide all kinds of support the govenorate.

Meanwhile, Habib said a general vision and comprehensive plan had been developed to set up the project on an area of 69,000 feddans, noting that Beni Suef has suitable climate for growing several types of medicinal and aromatic plants.




CAIRO, June 6, 2018(MENA) – Minister of Military Production Mohamed Assar and Minister of Housing Moustafa Madbouly signed on Wednesday a cooperation protocol for implementing national and development projects.

Assar said the protocol aims at using the potential of both ministries to accomplish infrastructure and construction projects, including establishing water filtering and desalination stations and sewage treatment stations.

Madbouly hailed the cooperation protocol as it will give momentum to national projects, reduce importation and, hence, save hard currency.


CAIRO, June 4 ,2018(MENA) - The National Organisation for Military Production (NOMP) and South Sinai governorate have signed a cooperation protocol to implement a number of projects in the peninsula. 

Under the protocol, the Ministry of Military Production should secure potentials and services to help achieve development in South Sinai, said Military Production Minister Mohamed el Assar Monday.

According to Assar, cooperation between his ministry and South Sinai governorate will help achieve optimal use of local resources and potentials. 

He also stressed that his Ministry is willing to direct any energy surplus of its affiliated companies to development and service projects in all governorates. 

South Sinai governor Khaled Fouda, for his part, said the governorate is seeking to implement strategies and plans needed to upgrade the work system and serve residents there.

CAIRO, June 1, 2018 (MENA) – Egypt's President Abdel Fattah El Sisi issued republican decree No.244 for the Year 2018 to consider the Ministry of Military Production an entity of a special nature.

Under the new decree articles 17 and 20 of the civil service law will not be applied to the ministry’s leading and administrative posts.

Also the decree authorizes the prime minister to appoint the ministry’s senior civil servants.

It delegates to the minister of state for military production the authority to appoint the ministry’s general managerial and administrative management staff.

The decree was published in the Official Gazette.

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