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Staff report:

CAIRO, July 11, 2018 - The Central Bank of Egypt (CBE), announced Wednesday that the total deposits within the banking system, excluding the central bank, have increased by LE38 billion to reach LE3,484 trillionin in March, compared to LE3,446 trillion in February.

CBE said in a report on Wednesday that total government deposits amounted to LE539.1 billion, of which LE423.3 billion were in local currency and about LE115.8 billion were in foreign currencies.

The total non-governmental deposits rose last March to about LE2,945 trillion compared to LE2,902 trillion, the previous month.

The report pointed out that the total foreign currency deposits amounted to LE701 billion, of which about LE40.2 were for the public enterprise sector, about LE 464 billion the family sector and about LE189.4 billion for the private sector. The rest of the sectors including non-resident and cheques and remittances accounted for LE84 billion.

The total non-governmental deposits in local currency rose to LE2.24 trillion, the public and private business sector deposits amounted to LE390.7 billion and the family sector’s deposits were equal to LE1,842 trillion.