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Since the publication of its maiden issue as early as in the year 1880, The Egyptian Gazette has established itself not only as the Middle East’s oldest daily English-language newspaper but also as a trusted chronicler of Egyptian affairs and a reliable projector of Egypt’s views on Arab, Middle Eastern and world political, economic and cultural developments.

With a characteristically broad perspective, observance of the highest professional standards and commitment to the finest editorial and style criteria, The Gazette has all the time reasserted its stature as the leading English-language newspaper in the entire region.

Backed with as many as 140 years of journalistic finesse and prestige, The Gazette has grown into an unbeatable brand and a platform of choice for advertisers.

Most recently, The Gazette has such remolded its output as to keep expatriates, especially the second and third generations of them, sufficiently apprised of and updated on happenings in the homeland and to provide foreign political observers, investors, scholars and students with the richest and subtlest Egypt-focused content.

With this newly revamped online service, The Gazette and its weekly edition The Egyptian Mail are effectively reaching out to the largest ever quality-oriented readership, thereby making it all the more easier and smoother for readers and advertisers alike to get access to a trustworthy and competitively efficient generator of newspaper content.  Read, enjoy and subscribe to full Gazette service.